The Sound Tank is a Paris based non-profit organization that aims to bring together a community of members around sound, music and its many applications.

It organizes conferences, meetings and events where personalities can discuss, express themselves and share their talents and expertise in their chosen field.

Members come from all over the world. They have different professional backgrounds and share a common interest and curiosity for music, sound and the desire to promote them.

All forms of sound applications can be studied: music, design, industrial, medicinal, urban planning, architectural, etc...

In collaboration with The Sound Lab, The Sound Tank carries out and publishes studies and supports research giving grants.

By taking part in funding music research, The Sound Tank helps researches and intellectuals advance and promote their work. 


This think tank is:

  • A tool to support research, innovation and creation

  • A networking place

  • A place for debate

  • Independent of any economic or ideological supervision


To achieve these objectives, The Sound Tank:

  • Offers expertise on the functions and evolutions of music and sound:

    • What role can AI play in music composition?

    • What is the function of sound design for a brand? 

    • How can music contribute to healing?

    • Can we experience a city differently through the use of sound?

  • Gathers members several times of year, in different parts of the world

  • Supports students, young entrepreneurs, musicians and artists through grants and mentoring.


The Sound Tank was created by a group of passionate people from very different backgrounds, who share a strong desire to:

1. Promote music and sound as powerful communication tools.

2. Understand how sound and music can improve our lives.
3. Imagine the role of sound and music in the future.

The Sound Tank is a non-profit organization led by:

Michaël Boumendil

Former EDHEC student, musician, composer and communication specialist. He pioneered the concept of audio branding in the mid-1990s and founded Sixième Son, the first musical design agency dedicated to audio branding strategies and design.

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Pierre Guyot

Journalist, director and co-founder of Atlantico.fr, a French news website.
He also chairs the audiovisual production company, PressPartner, and leads the consulting agency  Stratégies d'influence, which specializes in crisis communication.

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Louis Hallonet

A Music manager, consultant and musician highly passionate about entertainment and technology. 

On an international level, he has managed the electronic music composer Jean-Michel Jarre.

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